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Quotes from the book by Glen Liebman

"Tell him he's Wayne Gretzky."
~Ted Green, after Oilers player Shaun Van Allen had a concussion, and forgot who he was

"They think they're hockey goalies."
~Patrick Roy, on why his kids are not scared by bad guys in horror movies

"I didn't know whether to check him or ask for his autograph."
~Bill Houlder, after playing against Gretzky in his first NHL shift
"Was Wayne Gretzky sick?"
~Larry Robinson, after being named Player of the Week

"If you've only got a day to live, come see the Leafs. It'll seem like forever."
~Pat Foley, Blackhawks broadcaster

"I told Tony if you're talking about Mario Lemieux, then you can have my whole team and I'll start over."
~Phil Esposito, Rangers GM, discussing a phone call to his brother, who was director of operations for the Penguins

"Throw a net over him. Better yet, maybe we should shoot him."
~Mike Gartner, on stopping Lemieux

"I have no sympathy for goalies. No sympathy at all."
~Mario Lemieux

"You play your best because you're afraid of answering to Mark."
~Dave Poulin, who played alongside Messier during an NHL-Soviet series.

"The Rangers."
~Gump Worsley, Rangers goalie, asked what team gave him the most trouble

"One time I was told to go down the hall, past the picture of Cinderella, and turn left. Another time I was told to go upstairs and turn right when I saw Peter Pan."
~Jack Ferreira, Mighty Ducks GM, discussing his first few days on the job at Disney headquarters

"Do you want to fight?"
~Pierre Pilote, tough defenseman, on the first English words he learned

"We only have one person to blame, and that's each other."
~Barry Beck, after a Rangers loss

"Very scientific. We get the number combinations from fortune cookies."
~Wayne Cashman, Lightning assistant coach, on the strategies behind juggling lines

"The scary part is a guy who doesn't understand me is doing exactly what we want. And some other guys who clearly understand me haven't got it yet."
~Terry Crisp, on Russian rookie German Titov quickly picking up the Flames system

"Would you trust him with your collection plate?"
~Terry Crisp, on tough guy Theo Fleury, who was once an altar boy